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You could use Big Funnels for your landing page but you won't get "Micro-Commitment" engagement rates. Instead you'll battle with slow loading, glitches and downtime.. But then again you're only one funnel away right??

Let us explain.

By asking your prospects specific low-investment questions that require a Yes/No, Multi-Choice or Scroll Bar response you are eliminating friction.

After all you wouldn't walk up to a stranger and ask for their contact information without getting to know them first right?

Desire - Friction = Conversion Rate

How can you increase desire?

Better creatives, split test your pre-sell or advertorial, work on your product/market fit, choose a better product or market. Educate your customers on your products value. Have an endorsement by someone trusted and known in the community.

How can you remove friction?

It's much easier to remove friction than increase desire. This is the low hanging fruit.

Relevance: How well does the page match the intent and desire of the visitor? Is this what they came for?

Value: Showing value is immediately answering the prospects question, "What's in it for me?". Be clear about your offer and headlines.

Call to Action: Provide a compelling next step for visitors to take

In our tests we've found if you start by asking a prospect:

A simple Yes/No question
Brief survey with simple answers, no open ended questions

We were much more likely to "hook" visitors and get the email+phone opt in at the end of the survey or redirect them to an another offer and have them convert.

Once people take an action, no matter how small, they've made a form of psychological commitment by taking the action and are subsequently more likely to progress with follow-up requests or take actions with more friction involved.

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